Free datasets and surveys that I have extensively used


Rank Title Description
1 World Bank Data collection of data at country level from WB, IMF, UNESCO and many others
2 Penn World Table Basic national account variables for most countries and years since 1950. Continously updated
3 UNU WIDER World Income Inequality Database Gini index and quintile shares of income based on income or consumption surveys
4 European Social Survey free repeated cross section on several economic and social topics
5 International Social Survey Program a lot of cross-country surveys on a number of topics (religion, sports, women condition, social activities...)
6 OECD Statistics OECD national statistics
7 Eurostat Statistics Eurostat national and regional statistics
8 Prof. Andei Schleifer Datatsets  Great data on country institutions collected and made available by Andei Schleifer
9 Harvard Center for International Development Data on climatic zones, geography and diseases
10 CEPII Datasets Data on distances between countries, cultural proximity, colonial past, and other
11 ILO Labour Statistics International Labour Organization statistics on employment by gender, age and sector
12 Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey RLMS-HSE Russian Panel Data 1992-2009
13 British Household Panel Survey BHPS British Panel Data 1991-2009